Friday WIN: 1st July 2022

Featured in Testimonial

Team, team, team! Share my joy for this badass, who until recently played way too small in her career.

No freaking more.


Straddling finance and IT, this absolute unicorn of a woman is now going to start in a company she adores, and which adore her back. Can we please get an amen for the “They normally wouldn’t go that high but I am worth it!”??

I could not be more excited, she so, so deserves all this success and more.

And she wasn’t the only one absolutely rocking it this week. During our WIN Team and Grads calls, we heard from many others.

We’ve got the lady with the 71% salary increase, the one who got 34% more + dream job and a ton of other perks, the one who got an appointment with the CEO of a top tech company, the one sharing about her wonderful new Chief of Staff role, the one who helped a student nail her interviews, the one who started in a data role in an exciting company, the one getting interviews with top execs in her company, and so many more. And we didn’t even get to the mindset wins.

Such genuine badassery. I am so very proud of each and every one of them getting outside their comfort zones.


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