Friday WIN: 1st April 2022

Featured in Testimonial

My Proud Mama face when my clients tell me about their successes…

Last Sunday, we had an in-person get together with the WINners based in The Netherlands. It was so very special getting together in real life. The stories these badass WINners shared with me about their most recent career and salary negotiation successes were the icing on the cake.

– the WINner that had her – very deserved, based on data – salary increase request denied by her boss, then received an offer of a different company the same day, on a 60% higher package

-the badass that negotiated a 50% salary increase in her current role, then decided she was also done with going above and beyond every single day, because the people (*cough* men *cough*) around her were getting paid the same doing much less work

-the WINner that has negotiated substantial salary increases every year since doing the program, and is going up for the biggest one of them all in a few months time

-the WINner that got her fully remote working contract signed, increasing her pay to the highest possible number for her type of role, getting two weeks of extra pay and the the remote work possibility allowing her to work from wherever she fancies (she is currently surfing in the Canaries…)

So yeah, that makes me one Proud Mama… These women. They’re the best. Celebrate them with me, will ya? And what are you celebrating for yourself today?

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