Friday WIN: 19th January 2024

Featured in Testimonial

It’s Friyeay, aka time to celebrate! Today, I am raising my glass to this WINner, who absolutely, wholeheartedly OWNED this interview.

“I never felt so comfortable in an interview before. It was the first time I did not have to sell myself; the interviewers had to market themselves and their company to me.”

Like I wrote on Wednesday, switching up the recruitment status quo and default power balance, from feeling like you need to impress the company to a situation where YOU are in control, makes a big difference.

This works in two ways. One, you get way more information that clarifies for YOU if this opportunity is indeed a great one. How often have you said “yes” to a role without truly knowing what the position is going to entail, because you spent all your time and energy answering their questions about you?

Second, their impression of you becomes much more positive and professional when you take control of the process. Showing up as the badass that you are, instead of the obedient little bird that traditional recruitment practices have a way of doing, much more accurately reflects your true value and potential.

Oh, and bonus: when you are much clearer about what they really need, you can craft a better fitting role for yourself, which makes the role usually much bigger, much more fun for you AND that will be reflected in the package you can negotiate!

Anyways, back to this badass WINner – darling, I am so proud of you! Your future is very bright! We shall raise our glass to you and all other WINners moving onwards and upwards during tonight’s WINner apero at the WIN HQ!


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