Friday WIN: 19th August 2022

Featured in Testimonial

Gather around, friends, gather around. I will try not to get emotional, telling you the story of what happened yesterday on our WIN program Team Call.

First, we heard from one client, let’s call her Jennifer. She is coming from a dark place, having spent the best part of a year depressed and burnt out, working in a heavily male dominated industry, where her talents and skills were severely overlooked.

Over the last couple of weeks, she has blossomed into the badass she has always been, seeing that herself AND sharing her gifts with the world. Hearing her discuss this transformation and the results she is seeing (talking to BIG cheeses in BIG studios for BIG roles!) gave all of us, myself included, goosebumps.

The chat was on fire, as you can see, too! So inspirational to hear and SEE first hand the beautiful changes happening for and inside her… It was the best.

And then came another WINner, who had a similar Hollywood-esque story. She is the COO in an organisation that has grown tremendously. With the CEO departing, she wants to take on that challenge.

Her friends and family are un-supportive: as a “little Asian woman” she has already achieved so much, why won’t she just settle for what she has got? Why push further?

The CFO tried to talk her out of applying for the role, sharing his “fatherly advice” that it would be too much for her. In a monologue that had all of us emotional, she turned him around to supporting her in her application.

Goose bumps again, writing this down…

So today, I want to celebrate my clients who are stepping outside their comfort zone in a massive way and turning into the badasses that they truly are!

I couldn’t be more proud of their results AND their journeys there.


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