Friday WIN: 19th April 2024

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It’s Friyeay, friends! And today, I am celebrating a WINner who shared with me how happy she is in the role she secured last summer through my program. 

“Heading home after a sunny morning in the office, feeling very grateful for my hard work and you over the past 10 months. […] With the training budget, support for my non-profit work and bonuses, as well as building in time for career development during my working week, I’m getting there Wies!”

I’m celebrating her and this success! You see, at the time she was under a lot of pressure to secure her next role fast, as her contract was terminated during a re-org.

It would have been so easy for her to settle for less than she deserved. A lot of people would have in those circumstance. She didn’t. She put in the work and in the end it took only 20 days between joining Women In Negotiation program and signing her new contract, if memory serves me right. And she didn’t accept anything less than a fantastic role and fantastic pay.

May we all take inspiration from her story, to do the hard work and to keep our ambitions high!

I am proud of you, chicken, and of all the other WINners also kicking it out of the park!


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