Friday WIN: 18th August 2023

Featured in Testimonial

Whether you are working or on holidays (or working on holidays… In which case: we need to talk about boundaries!), it’s Friday, which means…. time for a Friday WIN!

Today, I raise my glass to this wonderful woman, who is an beautiful example of all WINners’ hardworking and results-getting ambition.

She also shares with the other WINners a distinct lack of recognition for all that excellence…

Might it have something to do with her gender? Might it be about the colour of her skin? I guess we will never know for sure (insert eye roll here), but it IS strange that the white men around her have been making much bigger strides in their career, despite getting much lesser results…

So today, please toast this badass with me, who is on the verge of arriving at much, much greener pastures!

I am ever so proud of her, and excited to see what’s in store for her beyond this first step!

Lady, I salute you, you absolute goddess!


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