Friday WIN: 17th November 2023

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Friends of the internet! I am celebrating a wonderful WIN today, please join Stephanie Obry (who’s visiting from CH! WOOOOP!) and myself in raising a glass to this bad-ass lady taking control of her career…

This WINner started having the meaningful career conversations that will allow her to really shine her light in her company, to do as much great work as she is capable of, to stretch herself and deliver even more value than she is already doing.

“I couldn’t sleep last night and was scribbling what I can do with the new 0,5FTE role”

Can I just get an amen for that upleveling benefiting everyone involved?

This, my friends. I live for this.

Everybody wins when you take the steering wheel of your career and you start having these conversations internally and externally. You do (obviously) AND the company wins, as you’re unlocking new levels of bad-assery and value-creation.

Okay, Stephie and I are off for a good catch up, and we’ll raise our glass to this WINner and to all the others who have been working hard ON their careers this week, instead of just IN it.


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