Friday WIN: 17th May 2024

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Celebrate the WINners

Let’s celebrate the WINners!

It’s Friday, friends, and despite the so-so weather, I am choosing to have lunch outside and have a glass of crisp Viognier, to celebrate the WINners who have been boldly stepping outside their comfort zones this week:

-The WINner who reached out to an old class mate to see if she could add value to a totally new industry and company, finding that indeed, they’d LOVE to have her experience and talent on board.

-The total badass setting up 12 meetings with potentially interesting people outside of her company, assessing the greener pastures for her out there, despite her joining the program telling me she “doesn’t like people” and only half-kidding there.

-The Women In Negotiation graduate who shared that she has just started her new role and is already negotiating an adjustment in her scope and compensation, rather than waiting for a year “like a good girl. I AM a good girl, and I deserve this.” Yes, chicken, a thousand times, yes!

-The WINner who set clear boundaries regarding her workload, freeing up time to be with her family, and finding that this was totally ok with her co-workers.

-The several WINners who built their rejection comfort levels, actively aiming to get a “no” to their requests.

Oh man, I am so here for all of it… So, so proud of these ladies, for how they are leaving their comfort zones and intentionally leveling up. It’s not easy AND it’s worth it.

Raising my glass to you, ladies!


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