Friday WIN: 17th June 2022

Featured in Testimonial

Team, today there’s a TON to celebrate!

One of the things that gave me such joy this week, was learning from my client who got herself an absolute ubercorn position as Chief of Staff to the CEO of the large pharma company she works for.

We had been discussing a Chief of Staff position from the get-go, but as her background didn’t match this dream role at all, she was worried she wouldn’t be able to transition into such a position, let alone at the level she will be playing at…

Please note her comments on the work involved – huge steps like this are not delivered to you on a silver plate!

Please also note her insistence on holding on to her dream, rejecting 11 concrete opportunities before saying yes to this!

And please note that she got none of these through the standard application process.

Lastly, please note her insights on the journey being part of the success – not just the end result.

So freaking proud of her and my other WINners who have been absolutely kicking butt this entire week!

These bubbles aren’t drinking themselves so I am signing off for the day…

Before I do though, tell me what you’re celebrating? Please give me reasons to open up another bottle, hehe…

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