Friday WIN: 16th June 2023

Featured in Testimonial

Going from being a partner at a massive consultancy to a start-up surely means you need to take a pay-cut, right?

No, it doesn’t. Not if you’re a WINner anyway 😁

From sunny London, I am happy to share this wonderful #Friyeay WIN with you!

This badass negotiated a 75% increase from the original offer made, tripled the shares she receives and has further negotiated a much steeper career trajectory than first offered.

And interestingly, almost more important to her than that wonderful financial and career expansion, was the improved relationship she formed with the guys running the start-up through the intensive three week negotiation process.

So for everyone worrying that negotiating your offer might damage the relationship with their (future) boss – please know this doesn’t need to happen. Quite the opposite.

Sending you into the weekend on that high note, and celebrating my WINner with a glass of sparkling water (YOLO)!


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