Friday WIN: 16th February 2024

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Friends, I am happy to share a bit of a different WIN with you today… You see, my WINners kicked it out of the park this week: 

  • the spontaneous job offer at an international organisation after an informal chat for one lady

  • the meetings that were happily accepted with stakeholders that actively shared important information and made new introductions that many WINners reported

  • the meaningful public recognition from a former boss one WINner mentioned

  • the mindset shifts that allowed them to step up, going after a promotion outside their league (or so they thought…) and get comfortable with taking up space…

These are top of mind right now… I am sure I have missed others!

AND… I want to publicly celebrate today the awesome people at @‌On, who had me on the stage at their HQ in Zurich recently. We did a great workshop on navigating and negotiating your career in hybrid form, with many amazing women in the room and others dialing in from around the world.

I really enjoyed the session, and so did they, if I go by some of the feedback:

Bring Wies at least once a year! I got so energized that I can skip coffee for a week.”

“Only comment: it was by far the best session I ever attended at On!”

I honestly loved the session to the maximum. I often attend sessions and workshops of a similar character and always feel like they’re all a waste of time but this one was truly exceptional. I enjoyed every single minute and I’m craving more. Wies has touched the exact points that needed to be said.

But look at this chart showing the responses as to applicability and implementation of the session! Today, I am celebrating the women at On who are going to take what they have learnt, and then take action! Cheers, ladies! Proud of you and excited for your future!

I am also celebrating On for enabling their women workforce to take control of their careers at the company – Meret, Sara et all – YOU ROCK!


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