Friday WIN: 16th December 2022

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Friday WIN Client Testimonial

Massive WINspiration, friends! I firmly recommend you to read on if you’re a corporate badass and currently undervalued in your position.

Today, I am celebrating this American WINner, who was in a business development position where she was underpaid for the work that she was doing. At one point, her manager tripled her workload without a salary increase…. I mean, what?! How is one supposed to accept that?? Also: how was she supposed to succeed?! She is fab, and not super human…

Anyhoo, sinking ship situation – she needed to get out of there, because clearly this was only going to get worse.

And reading her FB post, it’s fair to say she went out with a bang!

Almost doubling salary?! Yes please!

Fabulous team? CHECK!

Great learning opportunities?! Yes, ma’am!

I am proud of her for her tenacity in killing the impostor syndrome that was rearing its ugly head for so much of her career. I am proud of her for truly seeing and owning her potential. I am grateful she went ahead and left her comfort zone, even when she was scared.

Babe, I am wearing my 80’s jacket for you today, and saluting you with a glass of my favourite bubbles (Ruinart, for those of you wondering) to commemorate you stepping up in such a big way! I am celebrating YOU!

And I am also celebrating all of my other WINners who are taking big strides this week. There’s something in the air… End of year excitement / spirit, perhaps? Whatever it is, I am here for it!!


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