Friday WIN: 15th July 2022

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Rejoice with me, at the absolute badassery of this WINner, okay?

I am celebrating this recent steep salary jump, and I am celebrating the doubling of salary over time.

When I say the work we do is “Life Homework”, I really mean it. Sure, we can get you rather fabulous successes during the short span of the coaching program, but the real expansion comes from committing to this work over time. Over and over again. Not just working IN your career, but working ON it, too. Not just focusing on learning the strategies, but doing the deep mindset work (over and over and over until you override the age-old well trodden neural pathways in your brain..).

But mannnn, when you do that… The heavens open. Harp music starts to play. Angels come out.

Or rather: you get to decide on how you live your life. On what you do and how you do that in your career. You get to be in the driver’s seat.

Share my joy today! Raise your glass to living your life the way you are meant to!


The Five Simple Mindset Shifts Smart Career Women Use To Negotiate New Roles, Promotions & Salary Raises Of - On Average - 93%

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