Friday WIN: 15th December 2023

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Team! Friday! And Sannie Sherman and I are celebrating all the WINners working so hard at achieving their career dreams this week.

We are especially raising our espresso martini glass to the WINners and WIN grads currently negotiating their exit packages. Leaving toxic environments, bosses with no interest in your mental well-being and career growth opportunities, saying goodbye to companies that aren’t allowing you to do your best work AND recognising you for that, escaping awful re-orgs… Yeah, we’re here for that!

What many people don’t realise, is that you can negotiate your exit… HARD.
Even when it was YOUR decision to leave.

Take my WINner, for example. After trying to salvage the situation for months, recently she realised there was no other way to get to a better place, than to leave her toxic, micro-managing boss.

Negotiating with HR, she managed to get 8 months of salary paid out, which is a long way away from their original 2 months pay-offer (and even further from not asking for anything, given she was resigning herself…).

These 8 months will make a massive difference in her ability to heal + find a much, much better position for herself. It will allow her to take the rest of the month of, relax over Christmas, instead of frantically needing to find new employment immediately.

I am happy for her, and for the other WINners who managed to (dramatically) improve their exit agreements. Your future, dear ladies, is VERY bright!

What are you all celebrating today?


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