Friday WIN: 14th July 2023

Featured in Testimonial

I am sharing “an unusual WIN” with you today, friends!

Today, I raise my glass to this WINner who got a new position with a lower salary than the one she currently has…

Yes, I am sharing the heck out of that, because please read how this new role will positively impact on her life!

  • Massive flexibility
  • Exiting her current unhelpful environment
  • Building new skills in a new environment that is super exciting
  • Reducing her commute to from 2.5 HOURS / DAY to 20 MINS 2 / days week

And importantly, I know that this lady will do a fabulous job in her new role AND that she has all the skills she needs to renegotiate her contract shortly… She is going to be dandy all around!

Celebrating her and all the other WINners and WIN grads who have done so well this past week! I raise my glass to all of you, friends!


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