Friday WIN: 14th April 2023

Featured in Testimonial

Ladies and gentlemen, no bubbles selfie today (given my current concussed state), AND with potentially even greater amounts of joy and pride than usually for this WINner…

What can I say…

Career pivot-ers have a special place in my heart.

A straight up promotion or similar, just higher up role in the same or similar company or industry, is – despite popular thinking – often a piece of cake when you go about it the WIN Way.

When you transition into a completely new field or type of role… That’s when things get truly fun for me, ha!

And I have a particular fondness for academics transitioning into corporate, because they often have little idea of their own bad-assery. They completely underestimate the size of their brain and wealth of knowledge, instead focusing on what they are lacking (experience in corporate). And the companies hiring them do the same – cue massive underpayment, underappreciation and unhappiness.

Not for this WINner, though. So pleased she negotiated a set-up that totally works for her and her family, that DOES honour her brain and experience and that is a great step to even greater success.

Darling E., it DID put a big smile on my face in a week that’s been challenging – thank you.

And thank you, LinkedIn fam and my WINners who have showered me with love and care. You’re all truly the best.


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