Friday WIN: 13th October 2023

Featured in Testimonial

Good people, what are you celebrating today?

I am celebrating this WINner, who – through smart navigating and negotiating, has managed to SECURE A 50% SALARY INCREASE, WITHOUT CHANGING POSITION OR RESPONSIBILITIES!!

What do we learn from this, internet friends? We learn that for good people, there is always room to negotiate. We learn that for good people, exceptions are always made. We learn that for good people, there is a lot that you can improve in your set-up.

Say it with me: negotiation is a life skill. Negotiation is a professional skill. Negotiation is what can make the difference between good and great. (Or even sh*t to great, of course.)

I am proud of her for going after what she deserves, and proud of what she managed to accomplish.

So I celebrate her, and all other WINners doing amazing this week – you know who you are!

I raise my tea mug (not drinking at home due to Soft 60 with @‌Anna Kohler c.s.) together with Charles Barbara the dog and send you all the same levels of ambition and success as this WINner!


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