Friday WIN: 13th May 2022

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The last time I checked the average salary increase my clients received as a result of my coaching program, it was 49.1% 

I remember running the numbers, getting to that result, and physically shaking at finding out at just how high it was… 

When I saw a post on Linkedin this week of a recruiter sharing the average salary his employee clients got in their new roles, I was moved to re-do that exercise. I had not done it earlier, since it was a TON of work last time collecting all the data points from the various messages I received from my clients. So I decided not to overdo it and just check the ten most recent shares. 



Team, what in the world?!?



And before you go off on me that “money isn’t everything” etc –  kindly get lost. We know it isn’t, and we celebrate all the other wonderful improvements in my clients lives and careers always just as much: the confidence boosts, the increase in respect, the exciting opportunities, the impact, the joy. 

But that isn’t the point of this exercise. Plus: salary is the closest we’re going to get to knowing our employers’ appreciation for the value that we deliver. And these huge increases are in very real, practical terms absolutely game changers for my clients and their families.

So today I celebrate these WINners financial successes, and the absolutely joy that comes from knowing they are getting paid their worth! 

PS If you want help getting a similarly high salary increase, apply here and see if I can help you, too!

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