Friday WIN: 13th January 2023

Featured in Testimonial

Team! In beautiful, sunny Marrakech, I am celebrating this WINner’s success in getting the promotion + 50% salary increase she deserves!

Please do yourself a favour and read all the goodness for yourself in her FB post.

As I said to the other WINners on the Team Call today, beyond the title + salary increase, it’s incredibly smart to already set up the next promotion, as she did here so well. If you don’t already discuss (AND WRITE DOWN) this part, it may take longer to get that next step as most stakeholders will expect you to bed down for a good while before making that move. If you are ambitious and driven like my chicks, that may not work for you.

There’s a lot more to celebrate: the mindset wins, the results in meetings being set up, boundaries that are set, negotiation successes that the WINners are having. I am so incredibly proud of all of them and raising my glass to all of them (AND YOU!) doing your magic this week!


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