Friday WIN: 12th August 2022

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Today, in the gorgeous Tuscan hills, I am celebrating all of my WINners and their incredible achievements they share every single day. I want to highlight one in particular and I am going to summarise her saga, because it’s been quite the ride, friends!

Back in February, this lady was earning 185K and dreaming of making 250K, yet deep in her heart not believing that was actually possible for her. Being close to burnout, she was looking for a company that would be inspiring her, where she would have great leaders and working max 4 days / week. (This being US based, it was unlikely that the latter would fly…)

Yet here we are today, where she signed this week for a role, that – GET THIS!! – after intense negotiation is paying 300K (285K base plus a 15K sign-on bonus), working 4 days / week (which she also negotiated as an option for her future team members! Yeay, sisterhood! Seriously, the world is better off when women are in charge, but I digress…), unlimited PTO and a retirement match worth double her old one…

Whhhooooooaaaaah, right?

People of the world, pay attention! If you want this and more, it’s all there for the taking. You do need to work hard though – I promise you it won’t be handed to you on a little silver plate. But when you are willing to invest… Oh la la!

Cheers to that, chica! (Or rather: bella!)

What are you celebrating this week, Linkedin fam?


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