Friday WIN: 11th November 2022

Featured in Testimonial

It’s celebration time!

Today, I am celebrating – in particular, because we have had so many lovely WINs to celebrate this past week – my client who UP-LEVELED in a huge way!

Working in the creative industry, surrounded by men only, this lady’s vast talents weren’t recognised in her old company. She went on a journey to first truly own her own value, and then find a place which would recognise it.

It’s been a ROLLER COASTER, people!

Because once she realised her power, all bets were off and she had companies clamouring for her to work with them. In the end, she chose these lucky mofos, in part because she will be part of the first all-female leadership team her particular industry has ever seen. And the salary and set-up she negotiated skillfully are nothing to sniff at either –> see the stats in her email.

What a freaking joy. I live for these rising-from-the-ashes-stories… All the heart eyes for her and the work she put in to get here.

Might be ordering sushi as well – her tradition during our weekly coaching calls. And I will open a bottle of bubbles for sure! Toasting to her success and the other WINners’ successes in our sisterhood!


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