Friday WIN: 10th November 2023

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It’s Friyeay, friends! And I am celebrating the phenomenal work my WINners got up to this week:

-one American WINner reached out to a number of different people and got enthusiastic responses for talks

-one Swiss-based WINner grew a backbone 🙂 Setting boundaries, getting clarity at work

-one WINner from Germany celebrated her last day at work after years of being unhappy there, got amazing feedback from her colleagues, and as she was on her way out, received her first new job offer

-two WINners shared they pushed back on the current salary question from recruiters, each WINning them a bottle of champagne on the house 🙂

-an EU-based WINner set up 20 new meetings for the next couple of weeks to increase her clarity on her options externally

-one Scandi-WINner set up an interview at an interesting conversation, and stayed in control throughout, asking THEM all the questions

-one UK based WINner found out highly relevant internal salary information

-another WINner was told to wait in her company for her to step up… yeah no, we don’t stay around to wait til you’re ready for our greatness, so: clarity!

-one lady finally got rid of specific time and energy-suck task at work, freeing up space to do more fun work

-one Swiss-based WINner deciding to leave her current, toxic company altogether, knowing she has a bright future ahead of her

-a WIN badass turned the request for salary expectations around into the company sharing their budget, finding out it’s much higher than she thought possible

Proud, so proud of all of them! Raising my glass to celebrate their successes! (Please ignore the bags under my eyes! I blame @‌Puck Landewe and @‌Lieke Danenburg and last night’s fab ELFIN event in Amsterdam!)


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