Friday WIN: 10th June 2022

Featured in Testimonial

Today I am celebrating all of my badass WINners who hold their ambitions high and who won’t settle for anything less than UBERCORN roles (and yes, that’s an upgrade from unicorn level, ha!) and salaries and set-up.

Specifically, one of my WINners is in Big Law. She is ready to make the jump in-house, and with a little one on the way, may have easily fallen prey to settling for a role that ticked most boxes; just not ALL.

It was a good opportunity. And good is the enemy of GREAT.

And GREAT is what we want. UBERCORN, goddammit.

So she elegantly declined and will continue her search until it’s a wholehearted YESSSSSS.

Friends, please expect ubercorn for yourself, too. Life’s short – don’t settle.

Happy Friday! I am a celebrating saying NO. What are you celebrating?

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