Find your tribe. Love them hard.

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With new Women In Negotiation clients, I often get comments after their first Team Call (a twice-weekly Q&A coaching call where we get all women in the program together on Zoom) along the lines of “It’s so good to know I am not alone!”

When you’re looking to grow in your career, it’s easy to feel lonely as a woman, because there are (much) fewer women at the top. Plus, many of my clients work in male dominated environments where women are parse anyway. And it’s easy to feel lonely when you’re an “Only”.

And even if you’re not in a male-heavy industry; do you have a support group of fellow ass-kickers, cheering you on and supporting you in your development?

Your partner probably doesn’t understand your struggles (“Just ask for that pay rise, honey!” – insert eye roll). Your friends might not have your ambitions. Your family might not understand your dreams and want to keep you “safe” in your comfort zone.

So whilst they love you, they’re not the right support on your career journey. And let me tell you: no
t having a tribe makes the journey so much harder than it needs to be.

Because it’s difficult to get inspired on your own. If you don’t have any role models, and are lacking examples of how other women – just like you – have overcome the same hurdles as you’re facing, you need to rely solely on yourself for inspiration. And that’s tough: what you cannot see, you cannot be.

Also: in order to grow any skillset, you need to step outside of your comfort zone. And doing so can be scary. And fear has a funny way of freezing you up, keeping you in that comfortable place you might not like, but that at least you know…

In order to actually moving forward by taking action, you need people that keep you accountable to reach your goals.
 And imagine when you go up for that promotion or you have that interview, you have a whole group of women that are hyping you up, cheering you on, wanting you to win?!

Game. Changer.

So don’t do it alone. Find yourself a tribe of fellow ass kickers like my WINners group. Love them hard. They’ll love you back a hundred-fold.

The WINners (current clients) and WIN Graduates (grads from the WIN program) groups are growing every day.

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