Eva and the Mountain Goat

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When I tell women that 80% of the work to get a unicorn job, and even better pay, is mindset, I often get pushback: “Just tell me the strategies! Just tell me what to say!” is the request. 

If only it was that simple… 

Yes, there are definitely strategies that work and strategies that don’t work. You CAN bugger up an interview or a negotiation by using the wrong language. 

But what is MUCH more likely to kill your success, is lacking a ROCK-SOLID self-belief. Genuine question: If YOU don’t believe you can do the job and should get paid handsomely for it, how do you expect your future employers will do that?  

The road is SO much more difficult if you don’t believe in yourself. 

I recently noticed the same with my eldest daughter Eva, who’s ten years old, when we took her on a hike in the mountains near us. At the bottom of the path, with an hour’s worth of walk at a steep incline ahead of us, she was literally dragging her feet. Whiny voice: “I can’t do this! I am not strong enough!”

I explained to her that her success in reaching the top all depended on her thoughts. That if she believed she could, she would be right. If she didn’t believe she could, she would also be right. That she had every reason to believe she would be able to make it to the top, given the hikes she has been on before, given that she is generally fitter than her parents, given all the gymnastics she does, etc. 

It took a few minutes, but she ended up actually skipping to the top – I kid you not. Below is a pic of the last stretch before we reached the top: it may not look like it but it was steep. And Eva was running up like the little mountain goat that she can be – if only she believes she is. 

Next time you’re worried you can’t do something, don’t start strategizing.

Focus instead on your mindset, your self-belief. List all the reasons why yes, you can. And you’ll find it will be MUCH easier achieving your goal!

Wies x

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