Coaching For Entrepreneurs

If you are a female entrepreneur providing awesome services to your clients, but you’re struggling to get paid your worth, you’re on the right page. Read on to find out how you can apply to join my exclusive Entrepreneurs Coaching Program.

This online group coaching program is supportive but intensive in order to give you the biggest inspiration possible. Your involvement in this online programme will help you land dream gigs with awesome clients – and make sure that you get paid what you deserve so that you can grow your business without working even harder than you do already. In fact, my entrepreneur clients report cutting their hours at work, skipping that awful hamster wheel many entrepreneurs find themselves in! 


    Having been a mentor for a long time, I’ve seen some wonderful benefits for the female entrepreneurs that take the step to join this exclusive group.

    I’ve watched as my clients:

    • triple their incomes (!!) – and slash their working hours
    • cherry pick their ideal clients – and fire the ones causing them headaches
    • only work on projects they were excited about – and ones that grew their skillsets

    Tailored specifically to female entrepreneurs who provide services and who already know what their particular brand of magic is, this program will get you crystal clear on what you need to do to make sure the world (or at the very least, your clients) knows that you deserve to charge a premium fee for the value you bring.

    How the WIN Entrepreneur Coaching program can help you:

    This programme is going to challenge and change all of your hard-wired thought patterns, to the point where it will allow you to find the confidence in yourself to sell your services and increase your prices.

    Using my in depth knowledge of pricing we’re going to make sure you build a tailored, in-depth pricing model that perfectly reflects the awesomeness you bring to your clients.

    On top of that, the program will provide you with the exact blueprints you need for client-getting and price-setting and fee-paying conversations, so that you can communicate your value in a way that’s comfortable for your style and spoken in your true voice.

    Oh but wait, because as with everything WIN does, this online programme for female entrepreneurs isn’t for everybody…

    You’ll need to be:

    • Running an established business – even if you’re the only member of the team.
    • Providing a service to your clients – not a product.
    • 100% certain that the work you do is not only fantastic, but is reputable and adds value.

    The program will be hard work – and deep work. Negotiating your worth means you must first learn to own your worth. And this is where it gets tricky. The phrase I use alot to describe the amazing women I work with is ‘insecure overachievers’. If you’re smiling and nodding your head as you read that, then you know I’m talking to you. You know you’re doing brilliantly, but for some reason, you’re not confident enough to put a high price on it. Let’s change that.

    Get ready to do some intensive mindset work as you join the WIN coaching program for female entrepreneurs.

    Ready to commit? Sign up for a call to see if we’re a match, because this exclusive programme is accessible via application only.

    What people are saying…

    “Thank you Wies and Women In Negotiation. The program has been life changing.”

    V.C. – ITALY

    “I am amazed how many good things have happened in my life since starting the program a few weeks ago!”

    A.H. – Germany

    “The WIN program is so spot on, tailored to what women need, mixing mindset and negotiation, that is the perfect and most effective mix. And Wies runs the program with care, which makes it magical.”

    V.C.H. – Switzerland

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