COACHING For Entrepreneurs

If you are a female entrepreneur providing awesome services to your clients, but you’re struggling to get paid your worth, join my Entrepreneurs Coaching Program.

This intensive, online group coaching program will help you land dream gigs with awesome clients, and get paid really well so you can grow your business without working harder!

I am excited to announce that I am now offering a coaching program for women entrepreneurs! 


Having seen my entrepreneurial clients:

  • triple their incomes and slash their working hours,
  • fire headache clients and pick their favourite ones,
  • only work on projects they were excited about and that grew their skillsets,

Tailored specifically to women entrepreneurs who provide services, the program will get you crystal clear on what the ideal future of your business is, plus the steps to achieve that.  

How can the WIN Entrepreneur Coaching program can help you:

It will change your hard-wired thought patterns at a deep-level and give you the confidence in yourself and your services to increase your prices. With Jessy Brughmans, international pricing expert, onboard we make sure you build a tailored, in-depth pricing model perfectly reflecting your awesomeness. On top of that, the program provides you with the exact blue-print for client-getting and price-setting conversations, so you can communicate your value in a way that’s comfortable and authentic.

Like everything WIN does, this isn’t for everybody…

We work with women who are established business owners who provide services (not products).

Your work has to be great, that speaks for itself.

And most importantly: we do hard work, deep work. Because negotiating your worth means first and foremost owning that worth. Truly owning it. And most of my clients are what I lovingly call “insecure overachievers” (raises hand – it takes one to know one..), meaning that there is a ton of mindset work to do first. You’ve got to be ready for that. You’ve got to be committed to doing the hard work.

If you are, sign up for a call to see if we’re a match – because we work so closely together, the program is by application only.

What people are saying…

“Thank you Wies and Women In Negotiation. The program has been life changing.”


“I am amazed how many good things have happened in my life since starting the program a few weeks ago!”

A.H. – Germany

The WIN program is so spot on, tailored to what women need, mixing mindset and negotiation, that is the perfect and most effective mix. And Wies runs the program with care, which makes it magical.

V.C.H. – Switzerland

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