Didn’t Get The Promotion… Read On!

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Didn’t get the Promotion? Read on…


So when they hired you, they said they first wanted to see you in the role, perform well, and THEN they would promote you to the level you were applying hoping for? And now it’s 12 months later, you have been working your tail off, and delivered, so surely that promotion is a done deal… right? RIGHT?!

Ah, but no, it’s been a “bad financial year”.

Ah, but no, we’re “moving the goal posts” for you just a bit further out of reach.

Ah, but no, [fill in the blank].

Sound familiar?

Or perhaps you have been kicking it out of the park for YEARS now in your role, and moving up is still somehow never discussed at appraisal time.

If either of these situations resonate for you, read on, darling bunny. I may have the solution for you.

So first up, I am sorry. It’s SUCH a frustrating situation!

Secondly, let’s use that frustrated energy for ACTION. It’s clearly not going to come from your superiors…

Either because you are their “cash cow”, doing all the / their work, or perhaps they simply haven’t realised the seriousness of the situation.

But what action should you take?

If you haven’t asked for the promotion directly, that point in the direction of lack of CONFIDENCE. What might be holding you back is a (subconscious) sense that you don’t deserve it or a fear that they may reject your request.

If this resonates for you, my best advice is to start working on building your confidence. There are many ways to do this, and there’s no easy fix. But this is what you want to start with, because without it you will (i) not even ask like has been the case so far, (ii) you will aim too, or (iii) you won’t have the energy to withstand pushback (which you WILL get).

If you did start the discussion for your promotion, but somehow you didn’t manage to get the results you would like and deserve, then you need to work on your career navigation and negotiation SKILLS.

And both of these are served by CLARITY. Clarity on what you are capable of. Clarity on what you want. Clarity on who else would die to have someone with your expertise and experience in their team. Clarity on how what you bring is valued in the market, etc.

So, darling, if that long-awaited promotion is still not immediately on the horizon, don’t get upset. Take ACTION. Take CONTROL. Focus on the key area(s) for you and then GOOOOO!

You deserve to have a career you are proud of and happy with.

If you want help with any and all of the above, and surround yourself with a badass COMMUNITY, get in touch with me. We have a VERY steady track record of amazing women achieving one, two or even three-step promotions after or even during our program, including out-of-cycle promotions, diagonal steps (so promotions up and sideways to different teams or companies) and including some VERY attractive raises too – the average raise for WINners was 93% on last count….

So what are you waiting for?! Get in touch.


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