Conventional wisdom gives conventional results

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Conventional wisdom gives conventional results

If you want to learn to negotiate your career and salary, you could follow a regular course on negotiation. You would be taught standard techniques and strategies, such as focusing on preparation, interests over positions, how to anchor, etc.

Useful, for sure. You might get a small salary increase, or a better title, or run an interesting project.

But regular negotiation strategies won’t produce life-changing results. Because they don’t focus on the very real gender differences and they don’t teach you how to advocate for yourself.

If you want to learn negotiate on your own behalf and as a woman in a corporate career AND get truly life- and career-changing results, you will have to do a lot more than just learn conventional negotiation basics. You will need to learn a completely different approach.

One that is not written by guys, for other guys.

One that takes into account your gender, and the internal and external challenges that that brings.

One that is developed for today’s corporate world (no shade on the OG Harvard Negotiation Project – the standard work on negotiation –  but you know… it was written in 1981….

The WINners I work with in my coaching practice dare to go leave the beaten path. And they commit to working hard, and to going deep.

And they get results to match. 93% salary increases, on average. Unicorn level roles, not mediocre ponies. Real, deeply-felt and unwavering confidence. A new outlook on life, on the world, and their place in it.

If you want conventional results, go down the conventional path.

If you want amazing results, you will have to take a different tack.


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