Clipping Coupons Won’t Change Your Family’s Wealth – Here Is What Does Work

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Unlike financial advice for men, which is all about investment, taking risks, etc. for women financial advice has historically focused on saving, scrimping, cutting coupons.

“Here’s 30 cents off your everyday household items!”, supermarket advertising yells at us.


“Use these coupons and your groceries are a dollar / euro / pound off.”


“Don’t buy that latte!”, millennials get told.

I vividly remember my mother poring over supermarket leaflets for the best deals, and then cycling to the supermarket furthest away from our house, for a 20 cent discount on vegetables or whatever.

When my father took over doing the groceries years later, he’d never even consider going to another supermarket than the closest and most convenient one, whatever the discounts elsewhere. And may I add: no one expected him to, either. He was already considered an enlightened man for actively taking part in the household by doing the groceries in the first place.

If saving money, being extra careful and stretching every euro / dollar / cent is the energy we grow up with, no wonder we haven’t learnt to focus on the other side of the equation:

To MAKE more money.

And yet, that’s where the real gold is.

Sure, you can deny yourself a latte and feel really good about that decision, but in the long run, that’s not going to have a massive impact on your or your family’s financial wellbeing.

Now using all your coupon clipping energy (or even energy spent on feeling guilty that you’re NOT doing all of that) and instead ensuring you are adding another 5, 10, 25, or 50% to your salary….

THAT, my friends, is when the real fun begins!

THAT is how you cause a generational wealth shift for your family.

How do I know? Because I did it.

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