Claiming Your Power

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You may have been brought up thinking and feeling that you are not deserving, that you can’t ask for everything that you want and need.

What is more, you would retire resenting not achieving all the things you wanted to achieve, simply because you didn’t dare to claim those goals, or like Mark Twain said: “go to your grave with your purpose still inside of you.”

As girls, we are taught to be compliant, to think about others, to not speak up. We expect to be paid less for the same as men do. And our sense of control of our destiny, of our life,is a lot lower than men have.

And we end up in jobs we don’t enjoy, doing things we’re not made for, working with people that don’t bring out the best in us. We end up stuck in dead-end careers without a vision for a better future for ourselves.

But there is something inside of you that knows there is more to you, more to life, than who you are and where you are right now. That you can give more, do more, and importantly: that there’s more available to you than you currently have.

That part of you knows that playing small and staying silent and stagnant will not give you the life and career you want, and that instead you are capable of making the bold decision to claim it.

You can decide you deserve everything you have worked so hard for and everything you are working towards. And I applaud you for it. Because you do, you so deserve it…

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