But What If They Reject Me??

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Have you ever accepted a lower salary than you wanted or thought was fair, out of fear that if you asked for more, they would retract the offer? 

Have you ever asked for less than you know you deserve, because you are afraid of hearing “No”?

I understand if you do – the fear of rejection is hardwired into us. And it used to be for good reason. 

You see, until fairly recently it WAS dangerous for women to be rejected, to be excommunicated. It may sounds dramatic, but for millennia we depended on safety of the group – on men, to be more precise – for our mere survival. 

More recently, we may not have died without this safety net, but still: we couldn’t own property, we couldn’t make decisions for ourselves, and we weren’t in charge of our own bodies (there are *some* countries where that is still or once again the case… but let’s save that rant for another day). 

No wonder we are afraid of the word “no”. 

Of course we dread being rejected…

But in today’s day and age, when it comes to asking for more money or better opportunities in our careers, these age-old patterns kicking into gear aren’t serving us any longer. Because in the very vast majority of cases, we won’t end up destitute if we don’t get what we want. 

And yet we fear these outcomes so much that we lower our ambitions and accept much less than we deserve.

Darling, let’s not do that anymore, okay?!

Let’s deal with the mind trash that is causing you to compromise on your ambitions. 

And then let’s negotiate for all the things you want and deserve. 

I promise you, if you do things The WIN Way, you will not get the offer retracted; you will increase it only. What is more: you will improve the relationship with your (future) employer. And when you embrace any “No” you may get and realising it’s simply the beginning of the negotiation process, your outcomes will be so, so much better. 

Message me if you want help in creating a clear picture of your career ambitions and then negotiating them to make them a reality. 


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