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Burnout, man… It’s a b*tch.

My GP – the woman who until that moment had always sent me home with paracetamol only –  took one look at me, shook her head and wrote me a sick note for four weeks.


I hadn’t been off work that long since I got my very first side-job as a teenager.

Before I left the doc’s office that day, she said to me: “It’s never the slackers that burn out; it’s always the overachievers. There’s nothing wrong with you, you’re just not in the right work environment for you.”

It actually took a lot longer than those four weeks to get better. But the doc was right: there was nothing wrong with me. There just wasn’t a match between what I was really good at and what they needed. And I knew that the moment I started a new role in a new place where all the things I had been tolerated for, were now celebrated.

Let me state the obvious: I hadn’t changed. I had just changed my environment.

And I now repeat to my clients who are feeling burnt out the same thing my doc told me that day when she wrote me off sick: you’re an overachiever in the wrong environment. There’s nothing wrong with you.

In fact, you’re probably fabulous: loyal, hard-working to a fault, dedicated beyond belief, driven, conscientious. You’re just not in the right place for you. So let’s go find out in what company and in what role you are respected, recognised, needed, wanted.

Because with that shift in environment, suddenly things fall into place. Instead of swimming upstream, exerting needless energy on eeeeverything, you are going with the flow; you are supported by your environment, effortlessly, easy…

I have experienced this myself and I see it happening for so many WINners:

The relief when they realise they’re not broken.

The excitement to find their ideas and efforts are now appreciated. 

The vision of a much better and more enjoyable future.

If you’re in the midst of burnout-darkness whilst reading this, let me take your beautiful face in my hands and say this: I promise there’s a great place for you out there. I promise. It won’t necessarily be easy to find, but it’s there.

If you want my help in making that journey as efficient and effective as possible, send me a message. I’ve been there myself, I am here now to support you.


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