Bring on 2021!

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Bring on 2021!

Another day, another feel-good WIN from a total badass woman as inspiration for you for the new year!

I’m just going to spell it out for y’all. Please, for the love of god, go find employment in a place you’re celebrated, not just tolerated.

My client has spent the last decade in a role in a lovely company in the med-tech field. She was underpaid, and perhaps more importantly: not recognised in other ways for the value she brings.

You see, like all other people, she has unique qualities that make her HER. That make her kick ass. That make her go above and beyond her job description, that allow her to bring value every single day. For my client, that was in the field of educating and training. None of this was in her job description, but she was doing it all the time: helping her co-workers develop, learn, grow. And with that, bringing massive value to the firm.

This badass lady was sick and tired of being taken for granted, and for better alignment, greater happiness and satisfaction for her, and greater value for the company lucky enough to secure her, she was looking for a company where they valued those qualities and skills.

Starting within, she first learnt ALL the ways she brings value to the world. (Like many women, that amazing going above and beyond approach was also something that she didn’t see as anything special at first.)

Step 2 was finding a place that saw those skills, where they needed them and as a result where she would be welcomed PRECISELY because of those skills. Step 3 is of course negotiating the heck out of that wonderful match between what she uniquely brings and what the company needs.

[HOT TIP: it’s A LOT easier to get paid really well when they appreciate you for ALL and not just some of what you bring 😊]

And, my friends, this is exactly what she did. The result? 45% higher salary and massive satisfaction in finding a place that honours her and her unique skillset.

I can only imagine how her old company will feel once she is gone… but we don’t need to feel sorry for them. After all, they had almost 10 years to get their stuff in order, and didn’t. You can’t help stupid, as my old coach says.


Bring on 2021!

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