Are You Up For Doubling Your Salary?

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What would such a very steep salary increase do for your life, for your career, for your family? 

I am asking because that’s been the reality for my WINners in 2022. Last year, the average salary increase they reported negotiating at work as a result of doing the WIN Way program was 93.2%! (Okay, so not exactly a 100% increase, but close enough, eh?)  

You can calculate how much exactly you would earn more over the course of your career with the salary calculator on my website. But in the short term: how would a serious increase improve the quality of your life and the lives of those around you?

What is interesting about that question, that I often ask my WINners, is that I have only once heard the answer “I would buy more shoes”. No shade on the particular lady saying that (everyone that knows me, knows about my own *somewhat* outsized shoe collection)… And yet it’s noteworthy that almost every woman I query, focuses on non-material things when contemplating a serious upgrade in their bank account. 

“I’d quit my toxic job.”

“I would say goodbye to my unhealthy relationship.” 

“I would move my family to a more comfortable home.” 

“I would give more money to my family members who really need it.”

“I would invest the extra income and know I am securing my family’s future.”

Anecdotally, I can also confirm that WINners are very generous in donating to charity. 

That is all to say: negotiating your career and salary is all about the money, and yet it’s not about the money at all... 

It’s about what this wealth can do for you and others. 

What would YOU do if you doubled your income?

Can’t wait to hear all the good stuff!

Hartelijke groet, 



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