Are You Sabotaging Your Own Success?

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Are you secretly holding yourself back from career success? May you be procrastinating on stepping up to the next level, or even self-sabotaging to NOT achieve it?

When I ask this question to my WIN clients, I often get pushback. Why would they stop themselves? They WANT career success, that’s why they are in our program?!

But with a little prodding, we often find a level of truth in what I’m suggesting.

Here’s how that works.

My WINners are amazing. And human. And humans work very hard at protecting themselves from danger. It’s literally wired into all of us. And stepping up in your career may feel dangerous. Going for the next level role can feel scary, risky.

A big career step may feel like you are asking for *much* more work (and let’s be real, you are already working your tail off as it is…).

A big career jump can feel like exposing yourself to more criticism (high trees catch a lot of wind, after all, as we say here in The Netherlands).

Going to the next level role can feel like even more people having even higher expectations of you in general. Cue the stress about how you will manage your personal life.

As a result, consciously or subconsciously, you may not *want* to step up altogether. If your role models aren’t painting an attractive picture of what that next level looks like, or if you yourself have made it a bleak outlook in your own head, you’re going to – subconsciously, mind you! – do everything in your power not to get there.

I repeat: humans are wired for survival.

They are not going to expose themselves to danger if they can avoid it.

By not addressing these subconscious beliefs, you are preventing yourself from achieving the wild success you are capable of having. And you stay where you are, stagnant, stuck, and unhappy.

This is why mindset is such a huge part of the work we do at WIN with our clients. We go deep, uproot all the unhelpful and unhealthy beliefs, and replace them with much more equipping and empowering beliefs. This is why my WINners’ successes are so outsized. Why they get – on average 93% salary increase. Why they go not just one level up, but sometimes two or even three (and the associated salary increases, wooooop!).


So ask yourself: are you subconsciously stopping yourself from stepping up in your career? If this is at play for you, reach out to see how we can make taking that next step, easy, fun and SAFE!


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