Are you ready for a great career and fantastic pay?

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Now, please note that I’m not asking you if you want an amazing career and the salary spoils that go with it. Everybody wants those.

I’m asking you if you’re ready. It’s not the same thing, and more often than not, we’re not actually ready for a fab career + pay, because deep down we know that getting these things takes a lot of time and commitment.

I get a ton of requests from women who tell me they want to transform their careers.

They’re stuck in a dead-end job and want better a better, more interesting position.

Some of the women I speak to are doing well but have the desire to move into something completely different- a new role, a new sector, or a new industry.

Some women simply want a straight-up promotion and pay-rise.

All of these ambitious women ask me for (and I quote) “some tips and tricks” to achieve those wonderful goals that they have.

Here’s what I tell them, time and time again.

There’s no short-cut to career success. There is no quick-fix strategy that will get you the outcomes you want at the drop of the proverbial hat.


And everybody would be getting the results.

And they don’t.

Because most people aren’t willing to invest the time and energy needed to do the deep, inner work necessary for true and sustainable transformation.

Sure, if you want a 5% or 10% salary increase, I can most likely help you achieve that swiftly.

But is that really all you want? What about the hundreds of thousands of euros you’re leaving on that table over the course of your career if you’re ambitions only stretch to mere percentage point increases?

Why not put the work in and get 40% or 50% more?

Because that is entirely possible.

In fact, the average salary raise recorded from the women in my coaching program is 49%.

That can probably be yours, too – if you’re truly ready for it.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s fine to settle for good, if you’re absolutely certain you don’t want great.

But for true, long-lasting career success and fulfillment, you will need a lot more than some handy tips and tricks learnt during a one-hour “intensive” you found when you panic-googled “salary negotiation advice” because you have a negotiation tomorrow…

If you’re smart and ambitious, let’s get straight to what you need to get these kinds of incredible results:

– Total clarity on what you want, where you belong, and in which ways you excel

– Unshakable self-belief

– Tailor-made strategies to navigate and negotiate your particular situation.

That’s what it takes. I make no apologies for it, because a wonderful career and earning hundreds of thousands to millions of euros more over the course of that fab career, is a pretty strong ROI.

Let me repeat: There are no short-cuts.


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