Are you average?

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I speak to a lot of women who are what I lovingly refer to as “insecure overachievers”.

They are awesome at what they do – and have the receipts to prove it – but they are not confident in their own abilities. They don’t fully own their bad-assery, and I have to tease the information regarding their achievements out of them. They share their successes are shared almost in a whisper. They mention their great results almost apologetically. 

It is then of no surprise, perhaps, that when I ask them what they want to earn, they often name a number that is firmly around the median for the role. (Sometimes it’s even just above the bottom of the range – they just want to be IN it… My heart always breaks a little when that happens.)

And when I then ask, confused, “But your work clearly isn’t average, so why do you want to be paid an average salary?”, often the penny drops. They understand that they are limiting themselves. 

Owning your own greatness is a necessary first step to communicating and then getting the recognition for said excellence. If you don’t aim high, because you don’t see yourself that way, there is little chance you will achieve getting the appropriate recognition for your great work. If there’s little power behind your words, because again, you don’t really believe in yourself, then you can’t expect other people to buy into it. 

You can never earn more than what YOU can see for you. 

If you need help turning this situation around and earning in the top of the salary bracket for your work, let me know and we can discuss if I am best placed to help you achieve these goals.


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