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I often get pushback when I share stories of my WINners’ successes in changing their lives and careers through the WIN program. Surely it isn’t possible to:

Move industries…


Move type of role…


Get a significant promotion…


Get an even bigger pay increase…

Sometimes combined with…

Moving to a new country??

Yes, my dear, yes, it is. 

All of this is possible. 

By you, for you. 

Yes, YOU.

If you don’t believe me, listen to this. 

Way (way…) back in the day, I started my career working as a lawyer for the top law firm in my country. When I left (with one heck of a burnout…) and our family moved to the other side of the world, I got a job in not just a different country, but also a different industry (education), plus it was a totally different position as HR director. And I got a massive raise to boot.

If I can do it, so can you – there is nothing special about me. I know this to be true because in the years since I have replicated this complete shift with a lot of my clients through my WIN Professionals program.

Honestly, often the actual work involved in making similar gigantic shifts happen, such as building the relationships / network and learning how to have these career defining conversations and negotiations, is only a small part of what creates that success. Don’t get me wrong: that’s challenging stuff. Most women have been working IN their career, rather than ON it and as such there is a pretty steep learning curve. 

But if I have to guesstimate, I’d say that 80% of the work involved to achieve the insane successes they are getting, is MINDSET. 

And then if I theorise further, I’d say that the MINDSET work is 50/50 split between unleashing their ambition, dreaming big, believing these goals are achievable and between believing they will be able to navigate the steps towards it.

A big issue related to this is the erroneous belief inside of them and as part of society that women first need to prove they are capable of doing a larger role. The research shows time and time again that women are promoted based on past performance, not on potential (like the boys are). Over time, women internalise this, so their career curve is just a lot less steep than it could be. 

What they need is a pattern interrupt, that yes they can and yes they will make a massive jump. Which is what we do inside the WIN program 😊

In order to achieve anything, you first need to believe that that goal is out there for you AND that it‘s possible for you to achieve it. If you don’t believe there is gold in the ground, you won’t start digging. 

This is one of the reasons I often share my WINners successes on here. To show the world what is possible when you take yourself seriously. 

If you’re not convinced that similar successes are available to you… That is your cue that your mindset requires work 😉


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