Hello Tribe!

I’m Wies Bratby, and it’s literally my life’s work to empower women just like you so that they can fall (back) in love with their careers, businesses, ambitions and lives.

I want every awesome woman out there (I’m still talking about you) to share their magic with the world – and to make sure that they are recognised and rewarded properly for it, too.

Seriously, I live for this stuff.

I am obsessed with the art and science of negotiation.

I first learnt this essential life skill whilst studying at Maastricht Law School, and I’ve used and applied it every day since then as a lawyer at the top firm in my native Netherlands, negotiating big-ass contracts, and as a Global HR Director working for a global, billion-dollar organisation.

In my work, I spent years travelling around the globe, running workshops in HR, and discovering how absolutely vital it was for women from all walks of life to know about negotiation techniques – and to be able to execute these effectively for their own personal and professional gains and wellbeing.

Stop! Before anyone says it, this has nothing to do with culture, status or personality. Really. As women, we ALL struggle at some point with finding and presenting the confidence to negotiate for ourselves.

Seriously, you can work your ass off all day, but if you don’t ASK for what you want – and show that you deserve it – you will never reach your true, mind-blowing potential, or the rewards that go with it.

This is exactly why I created the WIN tribe.

I’m helping women all over the world – whether they are in corporate careers or working for themselves – create what I like to call their ‘unicorn’ job, and do work feeling valued, rewarded and motivated. I’m helping them do this so that they can pack up at at the end of each day, and go home feeling fulfilled, content, and ready to embrace their dream lifestyle (with the earnings they deserve).

Sound like a fairytale?

Okay, that’s fair enough from the outside… 

And that’s why I want you to come on inside. Come join the WIN Tribe!

My sisterhood of big-dreaming, ass-kicking women have proven it can be done, and watching them step into that self-confidence and achieve serious results is what inspires me to keep on doing what I do.

Want to show up every day with ambition, motivation and excitement for what you’re doing in the workplace – wherever that may be?

Don’t let mindset-blocks and a lack of know-how stop you from doing your thing and working your magic. You have one life – go get what you deserve from it.

Want to show up every day with motivation, excitement

and passion for what you are doing?

Don’t let mindset-blocks and a lack of know-how stop you from doing your magic and getting what you want from this one life you have.


My intensive negotiation coaching program for corporate women who want their dream career and the salary they deserve.


Tap into the potential and power of an engaged female workforce – book my inspiration sessions for your organisation or event.


Negotiation advice and personal musings on how to be women who own our worth in the corporate world.

What people are saying...

This course has been the best investment I ever made!


I have landed my dream job with a 40% salary increase and a better title. Thank you Wies for being the angel that turned my life around!


Wies, your workshop today blew my mind. I never realised quite how important it is to take control of my career. Not just for me, but for my company and my boss.


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