About Me


HELLO THERE, it's Me, wies! *


I am a lawyer by trade, an EFNJ (if you're into that kind of thing) personality wise, and though extra-verted, I am secretly a massive geek (though I strongly prefer the term "intellectual bad a**"..). I currently live in Switzerland, but I am originally from The Netherlands, married to a Brit and I spent a number of years in Hong Kong. More importantly than any of that: I am truly obsessed with negotiation. I was when I was still a lawyer and negotiated big a** contracts, I was when I hired employees as an HR director, and I am today, negotiating both professionally and personally (I have kids, need I say more?).

I started WIN because I found women across the globe were all struggling with asking for what they want, need and deserve, in their jobs and at home. This must stop, people. It's 2017 and let's face it: the gender wage gap is an insult to our intelligence, skills and general epic-ness!

If you want to book a Discovery Call to see how I can help you achieve your career goals, please find a time in my agenda that works for you and let's chat! If you want to discuss speaking opportunities or other fun you have in mind, drop me a line: wies@womeninnegotiation.org

* or just call me Louise, if that's easier. That's my real name, actually, but I tend to only get called that way when I am in trouble, hehe.