About Me


HELLO THERE, it's Me, wies! *


I am a lawyer by trade, an EFNJ (if you're into that kind of thing) personality wise, and though extraverted, I am secretly a massive geek (though I strongly prefer the term "intellectual badass"..). I currently live in Switzerland, but I am originally from The Netherlands, married to a Brit and I spent a number of years in Hong Kong. More importantly than any of that: I am truly obsessed with negotiation. I was when I was still a lawyer and negotiated big a** contracts, I was when I hired employees as an HR director, and I am today, negotiating both professionally and personally (I have kids, need I say more?). I heart nothing more than helping my friends with the negotiations in their life. But rather than droning on about it to them, however, I thought it wise to share everything that I have learned with you guys through Women In Negotiation.


* or just call me Louise, if that's easier. That's my real name, actually, but I tend to only get called that way when I am in trouble, hehe.