5 steps to negotiate your salary without needing to beg, brag or behave like a guy

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Let’s not overcomplicate things… In order to negotiate your salary successfully, simply focus on the following steps: 

🔥 Take responsibility for your career and these negotiations – don’t count on anyone else going to bat for you.

🔥 Expect. It. All. There, I said it. Expect to find meaning AND get paid well. Expect to work in a responsible role AND have a personal life, etc. Don’t buy into the myth you need to compromise on anything that’s important to you. 

🔥 Leverage your feminine superpowers, meaning that rather than trying to out-boy the boys, you lean into your natural (and nurtured) strengths like empathy, active listening and antennae. 

🔥 Get comfortable with rejection. The fear of hearing “no” has killed more negotiation success than bears thinking about.

🔥 Get properly prepared. Spend the time getting your numbers and arguments right and practicing the negotiation until you’re comfortable. 

If you do the above, I promise you will like the results! If you want my help ensuring success, just ping me a quick message.


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