45% more salary within 6 months time, working at her dream company and living her best life!

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Today, I am celebrating my client, who has shown massive practical and mental growth over the past couple of months.

 In her post in our secret Facebook group, she shared that after an initial salary increase of 18% (rather than the standard 2% she was offered) at her last appraisal, she decided to change companies altogether. She had come to realise her worth and potential, and decided what was once enough, no longer sufficed. Her new company offered her 16% more salary than she had in her last role, and she managed to negotiate an extra 11% on top of that. In total, that brought her new salary to 45% more than when she entered the program! 

Here’s the thing though. What is probably much more important than that WIN, is that she is now working at one of her two dream companies!

And what’s probably even more important than that: in her longer post she also shared that over the past few months, she has been taking better care of herself. And guys… that’s what’s juicing me up. Because as a young mother with a demanding career, it is so easy to lose yourself in service of others. To completely forego self-care because there always seem to be more important demands made on your time.

But that’s a recipe for disaster: from an empty cup you cannot givethIt is vital that you fill your cup, SO THAT you can give to others. That essential mindshift is what has changed my client’s life and, by god, I am celebrating the heck out of that!

So, so proud of her and this transformation. So, so happy for her and her family.

In current dark times, this news gave me life! I hope it inspires you, too!

Let me know if you want similar success for yourself – perhaps I can help!

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