#045 – Wies Bratby: Chief Enthusiasm Officer Women In Negotiation

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Recently, I sat down with Paul Toms for his EMEA Recruitment podcast, to talk about the gender differences when it comes to negotiating. It turned out to be a fun 45 mins, in which we covered a lot of ground. For women especially relevant parts:

  • Why I started Women in Negotiation
  • How negotiation is my passion
  • The importance of taking action
  • Working with gender stereotypes
  • “Bring the data, not the drama”
  • Going for no and how to react when you hear it. 

Give it a listen and share with your female friends if they could use advice on this topic: https://emearecruitment.libsyn.com/045-wies-bratby-chief-enthusiasm-officer-women-in-negotiation