Confidently Navigate Your Career And Negotiate Your Salary

Are you a high-achieving career woman, bringing great value to your company or organisation, team, and boss?

But are you also underpaid, undervalued, talked over and passed over for promotion?

Ugh, it’s the worst, isn’t it?

The biases that exist against women in the workplace have led to the gender wage gap, the broken career rung and the glass ceiling. 

At an individual level these biases result in Bob-down-the-corridor-who-isn’t-as-good-at-his-job-as-you-but-who-talks-a-lot-more, get that promotion you deserved, to you being paid much less than what you should be, to your great ideas being ignored or stolen by boys who walk away with the glory.

Changing this may seem impossible. 

Pro-actively navigating your career, ie speaking up about what you want and deserve career-wise, can often feel daunting or downright scary. And let’s not even talk about negotiating for a higher salary… 

Please know this though – it isn’t you. 

We have been socialised as girls to be “good”, not to focus on ourselves, definitely not to brag. 

With that kind of messaging from when we are little, it makes sense that we are afraid to knock on our boss’ door and tell them we’re ready for that promotion, that stretch project, and we WANT that salary raise… 

So we continue to hamster wheel, to prove that we can do it and that we deserve something. We go on with our general overperforming and overdelivering, despite not getting much, or any, love in return. 

Which makes us feel frustrated, resentful and unhappy. Of course it does. And all of it adds up.

If we are just looking at earnings, by not consistently and effectively negotiating our worth, we lose enormous amounts of money over the course of our career. Adding compound interest to the equation, it will probably run in the hundreds of thousands, and more likely: millions, for most women in corporate in the Western world.   

But why don’t you check for yourself?

Fill out your details below and watch for yourself what a one-off salary increase will do for your lifetime earnings.

If you just ugly-cried thinking about just how much money you have missed out on already, join the club. I hear that a lot. And that was me, many moons ago… 

Story time!

I didn’t negotiate my first salary, fresh out of university. And I went to law school for crying out loud – I was literally a trained advocate… But I didn’t know I should negotiate a job offer. Plus, I was so grateful for the opportunity to work for the best firm in my country, that it simply didn’t cross my mind. 

But then one day I found out my peers (*cough* all boys *cough*) were on higher salaries than I was. Not because they were better than me, but simply because they had asked.

I decided to do something about it. For my next role, which coincided with a move across continents and a complete career change going from law to HR, I negotiated hard and increased my salary by 35%. And I had consistent increases ever since, with every appraisal and every job move.

In fact, I got so good at negotiating my positions and salary, combining my experience in HR with my negotiation background, that I started coaching other women in my methods. And they were super successful, too. Last year, the average salary increase (for both promotions and new roles) that my WINners reported was 93%!

Why don’t you go back to the salary calculator and work out how much THAT would change your life-time earnings? 

But negotiating your career isn’t just about making more money, however life and legacy changing that is. 

If you learn to pro-actively navigate your career and negotiate your salary, there is a host of other benefits waiting for you: 

Achieving unicorn positions – the ones that have it all: great content, great level, great environment, inspiring leadership.

Ensuring a work set-up that allows you to have a wonderful life outside of the company. 

Increasing your voice and impact at work. 

Having a great division of the labour at home. 

My methodology works, very consistently. 

WINning with Wies Bratby, as my coaching program is called, gives you total CLARITY on the vision for your career and life.

It gives you the STEP-BY-STEP game plan to navigate career changes, and to negotiate them. 

It provides actual WORDING for these conversations and negotiations, that works, every single time.

And perhaps most of all, the deep work we do inside, gives you UNSHAKABLE SELF-BELIEF. 

Plus, WINning with Wies Bratby, rather than breaks, the relationship with your boss of future boss. So much so, that even companies like Google, Amazon and Roche trust me to teach their employees to have these career defining conversations. It works so effectively, that INSEAD asked me to teach their MBA students, and CNN invited me to explain more about my methods.

You may be thinking – this all sounds like it’s too good to be true.

Improve the relationship with my boss by asking for more money?? Negotiate for a more interesting role AND make tons more money?! I have never negotiated for myself (or never done so effectively, anyway), how is any of this possible for me??

And here’s the truth: at this point I don’t know if it indeed it is. Though if you identify as an “insecure overachiever” in your career, then most likely, yes, it will. 

I do not want you to waste the best years of your life in a position you don’t absolutely love. 

I don’t want you work below the level you should be on, missing out on impact and income. 

I don’t want you to leave all this money on the table. 

To see if WINning With Wies Bratby coaching program will work for you, here’s what you need to do:


Watch My Seminar

Watch my seminar on the Five Secrets to Negotiate Your Career


Book a Call

If what I share in that seminar resonates – book a short call with me personally



On that call, we will assess if we are a fit to work together – I will be honest.

Listen, it’s very simple.

We have all been given one short life to live. I don’t want you to waste it 8 (or more…) hours a day feeling frustrated, angry, and unhappy. 

You deserve to be in a position where you can do your magic, where you can have the impact that you want to have, where you feel happy, motivated and fulfilled. 

I want you to reap the rewards of your hard work, enjoying the recognition you so deserve: the title, the awards, the salary.

I want you to have a healthy work / life balance, where you can spend more time on the people and things that matter to you. 

I want you to be a role model, creating a wave of positive change around you and beyond you. #togetherwearestronger #thefutureisfemale 

And yes, I want you to make sh*t tons of money. (A) because you deserve to be recognised for your great work and (B) because it gives you lots of freedom to lead your life and career exactly as you want to.

You probably spent your life advocating for your family, your friends, your boss and your company – now it’s time for YOU! 

What  clients are saying...

Another promotion coming, making it a total of six levels upward since WIN. Also, we have tripled my income since then as will, which feels wild.

FM – Switzerland

I have officially accepted the SFO role and manage to negotiate a package that was 32% higher than my current base comp and an overall package of 83% higher!


I just landed a position almost double my salary with the dream team. It will take me to the next level in life, learning and income.


In terms of stats: base salary +220%, including bonus: 265%, including stock options over the next three years: 370%.

GR – France

High level role + kick ass team + nice boss _ unicorn conditions + high flexibility + freedom to create = unicorn. Compared to my previous salary I earn + 115% including an attractive share option and I am part of the executive team.

HA – Switzerland

I calculated the increase – it’s an 71% increase from my current salary. I more than doubled my salary in three years. What a WIN!

MK – Netherlands

I started my dream role this January with the following perks: salary increase of an incredible 207%. I get the senior title I wanted, stocks I never had, appreciation of the team, company with good values, good climate for women & future career opportunities.

SU – Germany

The facilitated the move to the US for my partner and me, a 85% salary increase + moving allowance, a new team and incredible opportunity to really change the direction of my career. I am so grateful to you and the WIN team!

SK – Austria

I feel like a different person – everything you saw in me became true. I am confident, I feel in charge of my career, I enjoy “difficult” conversations. I speak up and I speak out. I take up space. I am loving my life right now and it’s all thanks to you!

MH – Germany

I walked away from a opportunity as the conditions did not serve me – they came back and matched my terms. I could not have done this without Wies and the sisterhoods’ support.


I am no longer afraid of the salary conversation, I am so excited about it!

LV - Austria

I feel like I am on TOP of the world!!

VK - Switzerland

Best investment I ever made. So much work. So worth it. Life changing.

AG - Switzerland

I believe that WIN is not a coaching program anymore, not even an alumni community. It’s a force of nature!

DS - Belgium

Career changing, for sure. But actually more like LIFE changing.

UZ - Netherlands

They offered me a 33% salary increase straight up, a 9K sign on bonus PLUS an end of year merit-based bonus that I am 99% sure I can get.

GK - Germany

I did it! They offered me the CIO position!

LA - Belgium

3 interesting job offers so far, and I know now for sure it was a good decision to resign from my job last week

DM - France

I got the promotion, and -based on my research - the salary increase should be around 52%

LL - Denmark

I successfully negotiated an 80% work-load at 100% salary. Check.

AP – Switzerland

A fat bonus is waiting for me in January!

AL - Switzerland

A 22% raise in salary. Adding this to the 15% raise I negotiated last fall, we are looking at 37% more annual income at the same company in less than a year. Wies is right – Covid Schmovid!


My parents said I should just accept the offer. Glad I didn’t listen. 36% increase once I showed them my research!

PG - Germany

78% more salary in just over a year if I include the bonus…Damn, I really did that!

SA – Netherlands

My compensation has doubled since I met Wies Bratby 1 year ago. Coincidence? I think not.


Joining the WIN program has been life-changing, there is no other way to describe it.


I was afraid to return to my old job after maternity leave. With my promotion in place and a 25% salary increase, I am now looking forward to kicking ass at work again!


75% more salary – that’s what happens when you have rock solid confidence in your abilities. Thanks, Wies Bratby, for changing my mindset and giving me the tools to achieve this. I can’t wait to get started in the new position!


60% more base salary and the bonus structure is also lookin’ good!! Will sign on Friday, then start next Monday. YESSSSSS!


I will have increased my compensation +100% since I met you!


No money can ever buy the amount of support that I get here, the good vibes, the connection. Wies Bratby, what you have created here goes beyond coaching. I cannot explain what it is, it is life changing.


They have created a new role for me! My current boss said “you must have said the right thing to the right person, because this kind of thing doesn’t happen in this company” and in my head I thought: “hell yes! It’s called WINning!”


Got my hand-crafted unicorn job, which is 180 degrees different from my core experience, in my dream company, with a 10% package increase.


I cannot believe how different my life looks now vs before the program. It’s like night and day. I feel like I am starting the second and best half of my career now. Thank you for everything!


For the first time in my life, I feel like I don’t need to fight alone. These women already feel like they are my sisters!


Taking part in this program and being supported by wonderful women, was a gamechanger. It excelled my mindset and skillset during the negotiation for a new and exciting role. I’m blown away by the results and I can very, very highly recommend to join this program.


Really a life changing program. So much more than just negotiating skills. Wies Bratby teaches you to look at yourself, find your power and be the best you!


Wies’ WIN program is transformational. […] If you’re on the fence about taking this course, please stop thinking and dive straight in. It takes hard work and it will be a big commitment but you will be so glad you did!


Wies, thank you for everything. My family’s life is better because of you and the program. My kids have a happier mom and my husband a better wife, because I am excited about my work now instead of frustrated, tired and miserable.


My confidence is soaring after the interview! They said I was by far the best candidate and they hope I want to work for them, haha!


This course has been the best investment I ever made!


I have landed my dream job with a 40% salary increase and a better title. Thank you Wies for being the angel that turned my life around!


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