Confidently ask for what you Want, Need & Deserve

Welcome to a community of women kicking ass in their careers

using the life-changing skill of negotiation.

You’re a high-achieving woman bringing great value

to your business…

…but you struggle to ask for what you want, need and deserve for yourself in reward for all the hard work you put in. It’s not right, and it changes – NOW!

Maybe you’re self employed but don’t feel that you’re charging enough for your services. Maybe you work for a company or organisation but don’t feel that you’re being paid a fair salary that matches what you bring to the table. 

Either way, do you feel that you could be earning more and achieving more?

I can assure you that you’re not alone.

Amazing, talented and capable women at all stages of their corporate careers and business feel just like you, and end up feeling frustrated, demotivated and ‘stuck’.

I know what you’re thinking…

What if they say no to giving me more money?

What if it ruins my relationships with my colleagues or clients?

What if people think I’m greedy, pushy, bossy or demanding?

It doesn’t have to be this way!

It is totally possible to learn to negotiate in a way that doesn’t just preserve your relationships and reputation, but IMPROVES them, AND gets your dream results.

As a woman, you probably spend your life advocating for your family, your friends and your clients, but now it’s time for YOU.

Are you ready?

Hi, I’m Wies Bratby!

Negotiation coach, former top lawyer and HR Director, and unapologetic advocate for women getting what they want and what they are worth.

As women, we don’t think twice when it comes to negotiating for family, our companies or clients  – but feel greedy or uncomfortable when it comes to owning that space for ourselves. This means we end up in a negative spiral of unhappiness, that benefits no one!

I have helped women all around the world change their mindsets and increase their self-belief, and given them practical, effective tools and techniques, so they can negotiate their careers powerfully.

It’s not magic – it’s a skill set that anyone can learn and it will change your life!

Here’s how you can work with me


I coach women in corporate and female entrepreneurs who want to pursue their dream career work get paid what they deserve.


Tap into the potential and power of an engaged female workforce – book my inspiration sessions for your organisation or event.


Negotiation advice and personal musings on how to be women who own our worth in the corporate world.

What people are saying...

This course has been the best investment I ever made!


I have landed my dream job with a 40% salary increase and a better title. Thank you Wies for being the angel that turned my life around!


Wies, your workshop today blew my mind. I never realised quite how important it is to take control of my career. Not just for me, but for my company and my boss.


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