Confidently ask for what you Want, Need & Deserve

Welcome to a community of women kicking ass in their careers

using the life-changing skill of negotiation.

Welcome to a community of women kicking ass in their careers using the life-changing skill of negotiation.


You’re a high-achieving woman bringing great value to your business…

…but you struggle to ask for what you want, need and deserve for yourself in reward for all the hard work you put in. It’s not right, and it changes – NOW!

Maybe you’re self employed but don’t feel that you’re charging enough for your services. Maybe you work for a company or organisation but don’t feel that you’re being paid a fair salary that matches what you bring to the table. 

Either way, do you feel that you could be earning more and achieving more?

I can assure you that you’re not alone.

Amazing, talented and capable women at all stages of their corporate careers and business feel just like you, and end up feeling frustrated, demotivated and ‘stuck’.

I know what you’re thinking…

What if they say no to giving me more money?

What if it ruins my relationships with my colleagues or clients?

What if people think I’m greedy, pushy, bossy or demanding?

It doesn’t have to be this way!

It is totally possible to learn to negotiate in a way that doesn’t just preserve your relationships and reputation, but IMPROVES them, AND gets your dream results.

As a woman, you probably spend your life advocating for your family, your friends and your clients, but now it’s time for YOU.

Are you ready?

Hi, I’m Wies Bratby!

Negotiation coach, former top lawyer and HR Director, and unapologetic advocate for women getting what they want and what they are worth.

As women, we don’t think twice when it comes to negotiating for family, our companies or clients  – but feel greedy or uncomfortable when it comes to owning that space for ourselves. This means we end up in a negative spiral of unhappiness, that benefits no one!

I have helped women all around the world change their mindsets and increase their self-belief, and given them practical, effective tools and techniques, so they can negotiate their careers powerfully.

It’s not magic – it’s a skill set that anyone can learn and it will change your life!

Here’s how you can work with me


I coach women in corporate and female entrepreneurs who want to pursue their dream career work get paid what they deserve.


Tap into the potential and power of an engaged female workforce – book my inspiration sessions for your organisation or event.


Negotiation advice and personal musings on how to be women who own our worth in the corporate world.

What  clients are saying...

I walked away from a opportunity as the conditions did not serve me – they came back and matched my terms. I could not have done this without Wies and the sisterhoods’ support.


I am no longer afraid of the salary conversation, I am so excited about it!

LV - Austria

I feel like I am on TOP of the world!!

VK - Switzerland

Best investment I ever made. So much work. So worth it. Life changing.

AG - Switzerland

I believe that WIN is not a coaching program anymore, not even an alumni community. It’s a force of nature!

DS - Belgium

Career changing, for sure. But actually more like LIFE changing.

UZ - Netherlands

They offered me a 33% salary increase straight up, a 9K sign on bonus PLUS an end of year merit-based bonus that I am 99% sure I can get.

GK - Germany

I did it! They offered me the CIO position!

LA - Belgium

3 interesting job offers so far, and I know now for sure it was a good decision to resign from my job last week

DM - France

I got the promotion, and -based on my research - the salary increase should be around 52%

LL - Denmark

I successfully negotiated an 80% work-load at 100% salary. Check.

AP – Switzerland

A fat bonus is waiting for me in January!

AL - Switzerland

A 22% raise in salary. Adding this to the 15% raise I negotiated last fall, we are looking at 37% more annual income at the same company in less than a year. Wies is right – Covid Schmovid!


My parents said I should just accept the offer. Glad I didn’t listen. 36% increase once I showed them my research!

PG - Germany

78% more salary in just over a year if I include the bonus…Damn, I really did that!

SA – Netherlands

My compensation has doubled since I met Wies Bratby 1 year ago. Coincidence? I think not.


Joining the WIN program has been life-changing, there is no other way to describe it.


I was afraid to return to my old job after maternity leave. With my promotion in place and a 25% salary increase, I am now looking forward to kicking ass at work again!


75% more salary – that’s what happens when you have rock solid confidence in your abilities. Thanks, Wies Bratby, for changing my mindset and giving me the tools to achieve this. I can’t wait to get started in the new position!


60% more base salary and the bonus structure is also lookin’ good!! Will sign on Friday, then start next Monday. YESSSSSS!


I will have increased my compensation +100% since I met you!


No money can ever buy the amount of support that I get here, the good vibes, the connection. Wies Bratby, what you have created here goes beyond coaching. I cannot explain what it is, it is life changing.


They have created a new role for me! My current boss said “you must have said the right thing to the right person, because this kind of thing doesn’t happen in this company” and in my head I thought: “hell yes! It’s called WINning!”


Got my hand-crafted unicorn job, which is 180 degrees different from my core experience, in my dream company, with a 10% package increase.


I cannot believe how different my life looks now vs before the program. It’s like night and day. I feel like I am starting the second and best half of my career now. Thank you for everything!


For the first time in my life, I feel like I don’t need to fight alone. These women already feel like they are my sisters!


Taking part in this program and being supported by wonderful women, was a gamechanger. It excelled my mindset and skillset during the negotiation for a new and exciting role. I’m blown away by the results and I can very, very highly recommend to join this program.


Really a life changing program. So much more than just negotiating skills. Wies Bratby teaches you to look at yourself, find your power and be the best you!


Wies’ WIN program is transformational. […] If you’re on the fence about taking this course, please stop thinking and dive straight in. It takes hard work and it will be a big commitment but you will be so glad you did!


Wies, thank you for everything. My family’s life is better because of you and the program. My kids have a happier mom and my husband a better wife, because I am excited about my work now instead of frustrated, tired and miserable.


My confidence is soaring after the interview! They said I was by far the best candidate and they hope I want to work for them, haha!


This course has been the best investment I ever made!


I have landed my dream job with a 40% salary increase and a better title. Thank you Wies for being the angel that turned my life around!


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